Lose Weight in 30 Days App Reviews

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It’s really good app I recommend this app for anyone who wants to lose weight and get stronger. It really works and I think it’s amazing!

Worth it

This app is totally worth it, has many different kinds of exercises for your whole body, and meal plans! All free

Great app

This app is so good it reminds when to do my workout and shows what kind of food I should eat

Let’s try it

I really hope it works I’m about to start I will right a review when I’m finished with my 30 days

My life being fat

Its started when i was grade 4 it was the summer holiday i was super lazy and i was watching youtube all day and all night i was in a tiny spot where i wouldn't move and then when am grade 5 i would wear cloths that are big for me to hide my fat and i was being called fat by my family but my friends didn't know am fat but i changed alot even though am 10yrs old this app is great i recommend to download this app and now am happy with my body shape special thanks to app

Amazing app

This app is amazing!!! It’s free unlike most workout apps where they make you pay after 3 days . I high recommend this app

Staying in shape

Very good app ! Exercise is fairly easy and it makes you feel better


I’m deceased




Before you read just know this is going to be pretty long so please bare with me😁 So I have had this app for two days and love it and already see results ( I do yoga at night which helps wight loss so it could be both ) Next I love how it has tips and tells you when to stop its awesome other apps I had never did that, others also didn’t give you instructions on how to do it. So I’m telling you if you want: 1: fast results then get this app, fallow the tips, be active, and do yoga😉. 2. A timer and help knowing how to do workouts so you don’t hurt yourself. 3. Counting so you don’t get lost in the workout. Then this is the app for you😊

it's been great so far!

i've love everything about it, and it's amazingly so good. i barely had it but i've already so many good things about my body!

30 day workout

It helps me a lot

Loving It and a Loving Me

This app is phenomenal (and free!!!)!! I have never used a weight loss app that makes losing weight such a breeze! It’s not too fancy, simple clean design that lets you get on, get your workout done and get off. And it comes with free meal plans. (Not tailored to your personal needs, at least in the free app, but it’s a great kickstart to eating healthy and losing unwanted weight.) This app helped me lose about 13 lbs the first 30 days I used it. Lost my phone and just re-downloaded it. Ready to do another 30 days and see the results! You won’t regret downloading this app. Trust me!

Losing weight and meal plans

This app works really well everything is free so that worked out great you can also plan your meal plans on the app you can check off what you want on the app every week you can only choose from healthy foods on the meal planner overall the app is great I give it 5 stars


I've tried a few of these 30 day challenge apps & this is the best one by far! Great for beginners with very clear instructions to ensure that you're doing the workouts correctly

Great App

Great App ... Starting my progress

Lose weight

So I’m growing up and I’m 12 and starting 6th grade and I wanna Lose 10 pounds before summer starts! When I looked up this app it changed my whole life and I’m starting to eat healthy and I’m not eating junk food! I work out every 3 days! This app is a one u can’t count on💪🏼

Lose weight

Best app ever good for people and just a great app

Great app

This is really helping me out I so recommend this app 🙃

Lose weight in 30 days

I can very much because I get it I get abs and I’m almost to a six pack it’s really fun to because you get like exercise at home anyway I like how your friends house how anything I love it so much


Second day workout, I can feel every workout, yet I’m not exhausted! I started the full body and the abs it’s about 25 mins but I replace the exercise that’s repeated on the abs workout with crunches. Thanks for the effort put into this app.

Worth it

I JUST opened this app and I’m already impressed. I’ve never seen a workout app with so much free...everything. There’s workouts, videos, workout reminders, trackers and meal plans and shopping lists. I’m very excited to start this. Thank you for offering all of this for free.

Very good app

This app has been the best u guys who buy it will love it too😍😍😇😇😃😃


the update was so good! this app has 4 categories, and just the right number of rest days! i have had body insecurities for as long as i can remember and although these are simple workouts, they all work!! the layout is also pretty ( i’m the type of person who will delete an app if it honestly isn’t cute ). it’s perfect!!

I love the app

It’s great and work outs are so easy I don’t have spend hours at the gym


This workout plan works! An amazing app that keeps me going every night that makes me feel good and look good!


OMG PEOPLE you have to download this app I worked every single part of my body and I use to weight almost 200 pounds but now I only weight 125 pounds and I was only In high school download this app you won’t say you are happy until you see your self!💕💕💖💖

It is good so far.. but videos not working.

Hi can you check the videos other than full body workout, they are not working. I have also sent in feedback. Please check.

Amazing App

I would rate this app a 6, everything is free and there is many different workouts to choose from. One thing that they could add to the app is before you start day one, take a picture of your body and then once you finish day 30 take a picture again and compare it to your starting point.

I will update on my weight

So I am 17 (as of tomorrow) and I’m going to start this(again). I gave up the first time, but I’m tired of giving up and crying over something that needs to be fixed. I want to look amazing when I go to the beach, and that IS going to happen! I’m not giving up! I currently weigh 125 LBS and I’m trying to get it down to atleast 115 before October. I CAN do this. I will update later. 💗

Thank you

This app is good it gets you motivated you know you can pick a meal plan and you can redo the exercise, it’s very GOOD i recommend it to everyone


I am starting my freshman year of high school and I alway been the fat girl and I wanted to lose weight and before I was 203.9 and now I’m 112.9 this app is so Amazing I can barely explain it

I’ve never been so happy

this has helped me sooo much. it’s only been one week and there’s so much changes. I’ve never been so happy


The best program

Weight loss App

It’s a good app and it even helps you with your meals and what to eat to keep you full and healthy 💛

Awesome And Free!

This app is amazing it gives you so much options! It is also 100% free not like others I’ve tried! Definitely check it out your self! (It does show results!):)

Amazing app

This app is truly amazing it tells you what to eat for a better healthy body, it lets you work on the body parts you desire and it also reminds you your reminders when you list one The better part is that you don’t have to pay its free hi would recommend you give this app a try and rate it 5 stars

If you need to start your weigh loss journey this is definitely this is the app!

I lost 12 lbs with this app, and if it seems to easy just repeat it doing 2 or 3 as a rep. I did that the second month and it really helped. Thank you! 😄 Update: I had used this app to finally go into a workout routine since I never stuck to working out or had as much motivation for it. I did this app for 4 months and started out at weighing 163 lbs! I am now 30 or more down. Last time I checked I weighed 128. I haven’t weighed this much in YEARS, I cant even remember how long it’s been.


This is so good, and am glad your interest of our help, and I like that!! Awesome job!!

It works

I can feel the burn

Heck yaaa

Such a great app i only have 5 days with it and i have already lost 3 pounds!!! Recommend to everyone


Perfect for a beginner who wants to make a lifestyle change! Love it!


So far loving it seems like you get little time per workout, but you do get a really good workout!!! Hoping I see results... if I could give more stars ⭐️ I would!!! ☺️☺️


It helped me so much and I lost 70 pounds thanks to it

Best workout app ever

This app is so amazing and fun to do it a great workout app that balance your workout this workout app also gives u tips on different things it even has meal plans and it up to 30 days but u can do the workout as much as u want

I love you guys

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Love this app

This is the best app I always download crap to see if I have to pay or anything and this one is completely free n workouts are amazing and everything is well coordinated! Highly suggest!

Lose weight and get stronger

You’ve helped me lose weight and get stronger

Best app ever

Can’t believe this is free and so nice today is my first day and there are results

The workout

The workout is hard sometimes it I still love the app

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